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Personal Details

Address: 31/69 Wellington Street, St Kilda
Phone: +61 422 400 967
Linked In:
Nationality: Australian


I am a passionate programmer with a broad skill set.
I enjoy technical challenges. I strive to find simple, maintainable and performant solutions to complex problems.
I am experienced working with multi disciplined teams, including with remote teams.
I have a big picture view of software development. Software exists to fill a business need.
I constantly look for ways to improve productivity and code quality.
I have a demonstrated ability to lead, and to see projects through to completion.
I am looking for a senior developer role working on interesting and challenging technology.


Code: C/C++, Boost, STL, Erlang, Python, Lua, Javascript, SQL
Networking: TCP/IP (Sockets), RESTful web services, Message Queues (ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ), Wireless, Routing
Databases: Mnesia, MySQL, SQLite, Riak, Redis, Memcached
SCCM: Subversion, Git
Build Systems: SCons, Make, Rebar
Project Infrastructure: Cruise Control .net, Hudson, Trac, Redmine, CppUnit
Architecture: OOD, Design Patterns, multi-threading, GPU, distributed systems
Cloud: EC2, S3
Environment: Visual Studio, Windows, GCC, Linux
Practices: Agile, Test Driven Development, Scrum

Employment History

Technical Lead : Infinite Interactive : September 2004 – January 2011
Programmer : Infinite Interactive : November 2003 – August 2004


Experienced in high performance programming and profiling.
Experienced in network programming and technologies, including voice chat, protocol design, analysis and implementation.
Introduced project management software, source control, continuous integration, automated tests.
Technical lead on 8 released game projects, across 7 platforms.
Developed coding standards to reduce defect rates.
Educated junior members in programming best practices.
Experienced multitasker. Prioritized team resources across different platforms and games in order to meet deadlines.
Experienced in working in multidisciplinary workplace, and working with other teams.
Led a small team of 6 programmers to develop and maintain the technology used in our games, including graphics, networking, cross platform support, etc.
Developed and maintained the architecture for the game engine in C++, with a focus on increasing programmer productivity and allowing easy adaption to changing requirements.
Developed and maintained the architecture for a Facebook game server in Erlang.
Developed and maintained build system, deployment scripts and utility scripts (eg backup) in Python.
Developed unit and functional tests with high levels of code coverage.

Released Titles

Dragon Rush (facebook)
Puzzle Quest 2 (DS, PC, Xbox 360, PSP, iPhone, iPad)
Puzzle Chronicles (PC, DS, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3)
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (PC, DS, Xbox 360, PS3)
Puzzle Kingdoms (PC, DS, Wii)
Neopets: Puzzle Adventure (Wii, PC)
PuzleQuest: CotW: Revenge of the Plague Lord (PC, Xbox 360)
Puzzlequest: Challenge of the Warlords (PC, Xbox 360)
Seven Kingdoms Conquest (PC)
Warlords Battlecry 3 (PC)


Qualifications and Awards

First Class Honours in Computing 2003 Full time
Bachelor of Computing 2000 – 2002 Full time

University of Tasmania Dean’s Roll of Excellence 2000
University of Tasmania Dean’s Roll of Excellence 2001
University of Tasmania Dean’s Roll of Excellence 2002
University of Tasmania Dean’s Citation for Academic Excellence 2003

Honourable Mention 2002 ACM South Pacific Programming Contest
Honours Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Performance 2003


“Reducing Delay in AODV”
I developed modifications to the AODV wireless routing protocol to improve its route acquisition time and to reduce bandwidth requirements. I implemented and tested the modifications in the NS2 network simulator using C++ and TCL under Linux.

Academic Record

2003 KMA402 Computation and Intractability High Distinction
KXA454 Advanced Commercial Programming High Distinction
KXA461 Advanced Networking High Distinction
KXA462 Games Programming High Distinction
KXA470 Honours Thesis First Class
2002 KMA251 Algebra and Applications 2 High Distinction
KMA351 Algebra and Applications 3 High Distinction
KXA351 Software Engineering Project A High Distinction
KXA352 Software Engineering Project B High Distinction
KXA353 Software Systems Distinction
KXA354 Computer Graphics and Animation High Distinction
KXA356 Computer Networks High Distinction
KXA359 Knowledge-Based Systems High Distinction
2001 KMA255 Operations Research 2 High Distinction
KMA355 Operations Research 3 High Distinction
KXA251 Algorithms and Metrics High Distinction
KXA252 Artificial Intelligence High Distinction
KXA253 Software Design Distinction
KXA254 Operating Systems Distinction
KXA262 Computer Security High Distinction
KXA281 Advanced Web Development Distinction
2000 KMA152 Calculus and Applications 1A Distinction
KMA155 Mathematics for Computer Science High Distinction
KXA151 Programming and Problem Solving High Distinction
KXA152 Computer Organisation and Architecture High Distinction
KXA153 Computer Applications Distinction
KXA154 Software Process Distinction
KXA155 Professional Computing Distinction
KXA156 Multimedia and Web Applications Distinction


Mr Steve Fawkner
President, Infinite Interactive
Phone: +61 466 543 238

Mr Nicholas McVeity
Lead Programmer, Infinite Interactive
Phone: +61 414 324 509

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