Erlang R14B03 out

See the readme here

Things Im excited about:

  • lots of halfword vm fixes and improvements
  • Open ssl now staticly linked to crypto on Windows.
  • Majority option for mnesia tables.
    This is one convenient way to handle network splits. I have to give it a go with a large distributed+fragmented table

        OTP-9304  Add {majority, boolean()} per-table option.
    	      With {majority, true} set for a table, write transactions
    	      will abort if they cannot commit to a majority of the nodes
    	      that have a copy of the table. Currently, the implementation
    	      hooks into the prepare_commit, and forces an asymmetric
    	      transaction if the commit set affects any table with the
    	      majority flag set. In the commit itself, the transaction will
    	      abort if it cannot satisfy the majority requirement for all
    	      tables involved in the transaction.(Thanks to Ulf Wiger)
  • better cover support for tests
    OTP-9204  add user specified compiler options on form reloading
    	      In order to be able to test non-exported functions from
    	      another (test) module it is necessary to compile the specific
    	      module (at least during the test phase) with the export_all
    	      compiler option. This allows complete separation of testing
    	      and productive code. At the moment it is not possible to
    	      combine this with a test code coverage using the cover
    	      module. The problem is that when cover compiling a module
    	      using cover:compile_* the code is reloaded into the emulator
    	      omitting/filtering the passed user options. In my example
    	      above the export_all option would be removed and the
    	      non-exported functions cannot be called any more. (Thanks to
    	      Tobias Schlager)
  • Table viewer can now display small binaries!
    I tend to use binaries for strings so this bugged me on a number of occasions (obviously not enough for me to fix it myself).

        OTP-9153  tv: Allow table viewer to display refs, ports and small
    	      Table viewer displayed #Port, #Ref, or #Bin as place holders
    	      for their respective object types in ets and mnesia tables.
    	      This can make table viewer difficult to use when viewing
    	      tables containing those data types. It doesn't make sense to
    	      render large binaries so #Bin will still be used for binaries
    	      that exceed 100 bytes. (Thanks to Blaine whittle)
  • Fixed a display problem with the Event Tracer on Windows.
    OTP-9238  The popup window 'contents viewer' did not display properly on Windows.

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