trying to write more

Ive been meaning to write more. For a long time really. The problem is I really don’t like writing. Id rather be programming, playing xbox, or drinking beer. Sometimes all 3 at once.

Looking at the behavior grid Im trying to achieve a Green Path behavior change.
So here are some things Im going to try:

  • Boost motivation.
  • Couple the trigger to an existing behavior.
  • Reduce demotiviation by making the behavior more familiar.

Recently my brother proposed that a few of his blogger friends start a Write Club, in order to encourage more regular blogging. Basically (if i understood it correctly) every week you need to write a blog post on a certain day. You get points based on how close to the target day you wrote your post.
I guess the theory is that there will be social pressure acting to increase motivation (leaderboards!).
Plus the structured nature should help make it more familiar.
I think its a neat idea. Im definitely in.
I think itll probably need some kind of “slow car catchup” so that if someone does fall behind by missing a week that they aren’t permanently behind in the score board. Otherwise the competitive pressure of a score system would lose some impact (in my opinion).

My plan is to write short blog post every day for a week or 2, to get more used to blogging.
To boost motivation Im going to try keeping a Seinfeld Calendar. I found a nice pdf here. Alex said I should take it to OfficeWorks and get it printed up massive. I might do that.

Now I just need to work out how to trigger the behavior when motivation and opportunity is there.
An obvious technique is to couple it to an existing behavior. I dont know what though.

  1. Easy – trigger is drinking beer 😀

  2. Heh. Thats what one of the guys I did honours with said.

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